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Hearth Cooking

- Bring History Alive -

Blacksmith Classes at the Heritage Village

in the 1870 Cooley Blacksmith Shop


Learn how to forge iron into useful shapes to make a gift for that special person or for yourself. Flex-scheduling of class dates allow for either weekday or weekend. All tools and class materials are provided.

Class Times are 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Cost is $150.00

Bring your lunch and we will eat in the 1796 tavern!

Call 937-5281 for further information or to register.

Class dates available for 2020:

April  4-5                       Aug.  1-2
May   9-10                    Sept. 19-20                   
June  20-21                  Oct.   24-25

July   18-19                   Nov.  15-16


Basic Fundamentals:

  • 14 hour introduction to include:

  • Projects:

    • Tent stakes

    • S – hooks

    • Camp fire tools

    • Wall hooks

    • Garden plant hooks


Intermediate Fundamentals:

  • Prerequisite: Basic fundamentals

  • 14 hour course

    • leaf designs / key rings

    • utensils

    • Plate stands

    • Wall shelf brackets

    • Paper weights

    • Trivet



For additional information please call 607-937-5281 or email

Our hearth cooking workshops are held at the open hearth in the kitchen of the Benjamin Patterson Inn.


At this time we have no classes scheduled.


If you are interested in learning more, please email and we will let you know when/if a workshop is scheduled.