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The Days of Incandescence Celebration


The world was a much darker place once. Before there were electric lights in every room, in everyone home, on every street. Did you know young inventor Thomas Edison sent someone to Corning to enlist the glass company’s help in creating the special glass envelopes needed to make Edison’s vision of spreading light into every home a reality? What no one expected, however, was the role a young boy would play in making that all come true.


A picture book, The Legend of the Gathers: Protectors of the Light, is an account of those historic events and of the mysterious boy who forever changed the fate of one small town. Legend has it, that boy was one of The Gathers, phantom folk who appear each year during The Days of Incandescence to help get the light out into the world.


“The Days of Incandescence Celebration” at Heritage Village is a special one-day event from 12-5pm and will feature live demonstrations of blacksmithing, spinning, and hearth cooking by costumed docents, a Meet the Artists book talk with the illustrator and author of the picture book The Legend of the Gathers, a selfie scavenger hunt, free farm fresh cider and apples, pumpkin painting, craft beer tasting from Liquid Shoes Brewing, live music, and specially themed Incandescence ice cream for purchase from Dippity Do Dahs. 


  • Days of Incandescence Celebration at Heritage Village
         October 30th   12-5pm

            This special 1-day event centers around the supernatural tale The Legend of the Gathers  

            inspired by the mysterious boy who blew the first light bulb and phantom folk who arrive 

            each October to help get light out into the world. The story was made into a 40-page 

            chapbook as well as a full-length picture book. The picture book is available for purchase 

            at Heritage Village, Card Carrying Books, Corning Information Center and Finger Lakes Unique.

  • Meet the Artists (meet the illustrator and author of the picture book The Legend go the 

                                    Gathers which tells the tale of that mysterious boy and phantom folk called The Gathers 

                                    who arrive each October in Corning to help share the light)

  • Craft Beer Tastings with Liquid Shoes Brewing

  • Pumpkin Painting

  • Free Farm Fresh Apples and Cider

  • Hearth Cooking Demonstrations (costumed docents cooking on the hearth)

  • Spinning Demonstrations (costumed docents spin in the one-room log cabin)

  • Blacksmithing Demonstrations (costumed docents work the anvil in blacksmith shop)

  • Live Music

  • A Selfie Scavenger Hunt

  • Awaken the Spirits: Special Behind the Scenes Ghost Hunt at Heritage Village
          October 30th  7-10pm

            (led by experts from the Paranormal Society of the Twin Tiers, you can use their 

            equipment or bring your own for this special Halloween three-hour search for signs of 



The Days of Incandescence Celebration is a fun family-friendly celebration (it’s not spooky) that pays tribute to Corning’s unique history and explores a supernatural tale inspired by the role that mysterious local boy played in getting light out into the world.